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12 am Midnight Country Radio Orbit The Midnight Hour Vinyl Fantasy Maximun Amplitude Blue Plate Special Time Slip 12 am
1 am Turkey Creek 1 am
2 am Crash Landing Mystery Science Radio 3000 2 am
3 am Radio Omega Cat Jazz Barn Guest Hosts Emanuel's Rythm 3 am
4 am 4 am
5 am Jewish Spectrum 5 am
530 am Morning Ayre 530 am
6 am Serenade of Love 6 am
7 am Early Times 7 am
8 am Pacifica: Democracy Now 8 am
9 am NPR: The Diane Rehm Show La Hora Latina Sunday Morning Coffee House 9 am
10 am Latin Sound 10 am
11 am NPR: Fresh Air 11 am
12 pm Pacifica: Democracy Now (replay) Motherland Jam Rootin Tootin Radio 12 pm
1 pm BBC: Outlook 1 pm
2 pm BBC: The World Guests Host / Lokal Vokals 2 pm
3 pm Uncommon Light Anything Goes The Good Life Holy Victrola Eclectic Mix / Hepcat's Holliday Arab Culture / Tame the Tongue Strike the Gay Harp 3 pm
4 pm Straight Talk 4 pm
5 pm KOPN News at Five KOPN News at Five KOPN Public Affairs KOPN News at Five Kore Issues World Woman 5 pm
6 pm Tech Radio Evening Edition Your Health Matters A Chautauqua Pat's Power Pop Hours Reggae Party 6 pm
7 pm Jazz + Blues = Soul Sex Drugs Civil Liberties Farm and Fiddle Women's Voices Sunday Night String Benders 7 pm
8 pm Good Sounds of Jazz Good Sounds of Jazz Good Sounds of Jazz Grateful Dead Show Blues on Broadway 8 pm
9 pm Lullaby of Broadway / Stompin at the Savoy High Lonesome Sound 9 pm
10 pm New Wave Radio Theater Bacon's Thick Cuts Blue Highways No Limit Blue Plate Special 10 pm
11 pm Radio Orbit Time Slip 11 pm
        Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun        

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