KOPN New Transmitter
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KOPN New Transmitter

KOPN - 89.5FM

915 East Broadway

Columbia, MO 65201

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April 4, 2006

Dear Friend of Community Radio,                 

KOPN Staff, Board and Volunteers are very excited!  We have raised the funds necessary to order our NEW transmitter!  Now is the time to wrap up the fundraising for this project, so that, we can complete the upgrades and the maintenance to the transmitter/tower site and shack!

Are you wondering what type of things could a transmitter "shack" and site need?  We are going to be placing a $80,000 piece of equipment in this building, it is important that "shack" is only the name of the building and not the state of the building.  To keep the building from deteriorating we need your gift of financial support.  Your gift will be spent on:

      A new door for the shack

      Improvement and repair the shack workbench

      Painting the shack

      Upgrading the electrical wiring

      Re-wiring the electricity so that the current transmitter can be used as a back-up

      Graveling the Shacks yard, to keep weeds from taking over.

      Installing the NEW transmitter!

If we do not spend all the money at this time, your gift will be placed in a restricted fund for future maintenance, repair and upgrades for the transmitter, tower, shack and site.

Now is the time to join the "Making Waves For a New Transmitter Campaign" Your generous gift will add you to more than 100 donors who have given already to this project.   Please take a minute and fill in the donor card below.  If you would like to arrange a payment plan please call 573-874-1139.

Thank you in advance for your generosity,

Ellen Froeschner, President of the Board, and Chair of the Capital Campaign Committee, and

Julie Baka, Director of Development



Spouse or Partner Name: ___________________________________________


City: _________________________ State: ___________ Zip: ______________

Phone: _______________________ E-Mail: ____________________________

$1,000 _______ $750 ________ $500 _______ $250 _______ $120 _______ Other $_______

Bill Me_____ Check or Money Order enclosed _____ MC ____Visa _____ Discover _______

Credit Card # _________/__________/__________/_________ Exp Date: _______________

Please Return to KOPN-Transmitter, 915 East Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201 or call 573-874-1139