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KOPN Merchandise

Available now at the KOPN station
915 E Broadway
up the stairs in downtown Columbia, MO.

KOPN 30th Anniversary
CD Recording

Everybody's Got Love

The Songs of Lee Ruth

This CD is a special project of KOPN. It is now available at the KOPN office during business hours from 9 A.M. to 5 P. M. Monday through Friday. The cost is $25 -- now $20 -- and one hundred percent of the proceeds goes to support KOPN! Extensive liner notes, photos, lyrics, musician notes about Lee Ruth and Lee's thoughts about the musicians and his songs can be purchased on an additional Data disc for $5. The CD can also be ordered from KOPN by Calling 573-874-1139 or by printing and mailing in the order form (pdf).

A special thanks goes out to all the" Patrons of the Pressing" whose support for this project made it a reality. We encourage you to buy a copy for yourself and one for someone you love and by doing so support your community radio station KOPN. Above all please listen and enjoy Lee's Songs!

Radio Ranger

For a lot more information about this great project
check out Radio Ranger's special
Everybody's Got Love www site.

Lee Ruth CD

Thanks for supporting your community radio station KOPN and local music through this unique recording project.