KOPN History 1980
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KOPN History 1980

1980: KOPN begins broadcasting a weekly program devoted to current issues facing the Missouri state legislature. The nation's energy crisis inspires the station to produce a documentary series on Missouri's use of its energy resources. The station continues its coverage of news outside the mainstream media when it carries its first live satellite broadcast, the National Citizens' Hearings for Radiation Victims, from Washington, D.C. in April; KOPN is one of only 13 stations to do so. By now, 2,000 listeners are KOPN subscribers. Renown experimental music composer Laurie Anderson performs live on "Ionizations" in March.

1980 Women's Day Program Guide Cover


Day Program Cover
Letter to KOPN 1980

To the Crystal Set Feminist,

Thank you so much for broadcasting the "Women Take Back the Night" rally held at the court house on September 18th. Several AARCC volunteers were glad to have an opportunity to listen to the speakers. They all reported that your broadcast came through very well.

Over the year KOPN has been the most responsive radio station in addressing the problem of violence against women. From the League of Women Voters legislative issues to Community Periscope, from Kim Davis' show on Rape Culture to your own work in getting our public service announcements on the air, KOPN has provided an invaluable service in helping us inform the community about our programs.

Kathryn A. Lowe
Abuse, Assault and Rape Crisis Center