KOPN History 1979
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KOPN History 1979

1979: New Wave Corporation's long struggle to make Columbia a home for public television as well as community radio culminates in the arrival of translator station Channel 56 on the air. Meanwhile, KOPN begins broadcasting a program for the Missouri prison population, "Zebra Sunrise." The station also carries live studio broadcasts of local bluegrass musicians, and the program "Ionizations" airs live the specially commissioned work of avant-garde electronic composers. In August, KOPN staffers attend the National Federation of Community Broadcasters Convention in Olympia, Washington and in December, the National Conference on Feminism and Radio in Washington, D.C.

KOPN Air Room

KOPN's air room during pledge drive.

"I Like What I Hear"

KOPN presents its 3rd annual Fall Pledge Drive. It starts Wednesday September 19th through Sunday September 23rd. This year we are featuring Live radio, plus contests and request shows around the clock.

We want you the listener, to help make this Drive the best in KOPN's seven-year history. We want you to come and see KOPN at 915 E. Broadway, here in Columbia, and be "live" with us. A booth and display will be set up on Broadway, when we take open-access radio to the streets.

Your participation and help is what, in the end, will make it a success! We want to see our listeners. Come up to 915 E. Broadway. You can help answer phones, hunt down record requests or just look around. Or call us (That number again--(314) 874-5676 and/or 874-1139) and chat, make a request, tell us what you like or dislike, and SUBSCRIBE!!!!

But most of all, we want you to listen. Find out how listener supported radio works. Set your radio dial to 89.5 FM KOPN.

Taken, in part, from a September 1979 KOPN program guide.