KOPN History 1977
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KOPN History 1977

1977: KOPN's subscription rolls now top 1,000. Grants totaling over $90,000 are received to obtain equipment and pay salaries to full-time staffers. Reinforcing KOPN's commitment to underserved audiences, an annual "Women's Day" schedule of programming is inaugurated, and the children's show "Lullaby of Broadway" debuts.

Letter to KOPN 1977

Dear Sirs:

Early this morning (Sept. 17, 1977), I received KOPN-FM from Louisville, Kentucky. The reception was fair to good and the signal was easy to identify as yours. I tuned in about 1:08 a.m. (CDT) and heard a female announcer talking about something called the North Village Auction, which was to be held today at 1 p.m. at a place called the Marketplace. The lady said that anyone with anything to donate could still do so by calling 449-0597. The announcement was followed by a male announcer who talked about the auction further and said, "You will benefit yourself and KOPN," by taking part. The announcement was followed by music.

As I said, the reception was fair to good and the station was easily identifiable as yours. My receiver is a Technics ST-7600 with a Pioneer SA-6500 amplifier, Winegard SC-650 antenna mounted at 30 feet on my home, about eight miles from downtown Louisville.

I would appreciate confirmation of my reception of KOPN-FM if the fact about the auction and the phone number, etc., agree with the broadcast. I enclosed a stamp for my verification and hope you find my report useful in knowing where your signal is heard. I hope to receive the station again sometime soon and I also hope the auction was a grand success!

Yours Truly,
Ted Fleischaker
3023 Tremont Drive
Louisville, KY. 40205