KOPN History 1976
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KOPN History 1976

1976: The station improves its facilities by installing much-needed heating and cooling systems. The number of KOPN subscribers grows to 370. KOPN introduces the Columbia area to Celtic music, and "Dark Pulsations," a program devoted to the voices and concerns of the local African-American community, has its debut. In July, KOPN staffers attend the National Federation of Community Broadcasters Convention in Telluride, Colorado.

Traditional Tunes Continue

Strike the Gay Harp

KOPN is proud to announce the beginning of a biweekly show devoted to the traditional and folk-derived music of Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and Britain. In response to the growing interest in Celtic music, and in order to present recordings of music that are less generally available in this country, Lark in the Morning will explore the music and the people of the Isles, from the "pure" traditional and ethnic forms, to the "folk revival" performers and other music strongly influenced by the Celtic tradition. Glimpses into the pagan culture and ancient music of the olden tymes, their influences on the social and musical environments of modern times, and some of the finest tunes ever, many of which are available only as imports, or not at all, in this country. So join us for an evening's pleasure--hark to the Lark in the Morning.

Taken from an article written July, 1976.

Join Carol Goodnick, every Sunday 3-5 PM, as she continues the tradition of Celtic music, stories and lore on Strike the Gay Harp.