KOPN History 1975
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KOPN History 1975

1975: With the benefit of its new equipment, in March KOPN begins broadcasting in stereo at 40,000 watts on 89.5 FM (its current bandwidth) and expands its range to fifty miles. This power increase initially brings some complaints about KOPN's signal being heard on toasters and electric toothbrushes in the area, but the problems are soon resolved. In May, a program produced by and for local senior citizens is begun, and singer-guitarist Bonnie Raitt performs a benefit concert for the station. KOPN management reaches out to allied stations across the country by attending the National Alternative Radio Conference in Madison, Wisconsin in June.

New Wave TV Channel 56 is on the air

David Owens

After revving up the engine of this comparatively massive rig--the television project--and letting it idle for several months in preparation, New Wave Corporation, about the first of September (1975) finally pulled away from the curb.

Now the shifting gears on the tractor-trailer is not quite the same experience as running through the four gears on the old VW bus. Similarly, getting Public Television rolling cannot justly be compared to raising the wherewithal for radio. In the first place, the inertia--caused primarily by the sheer financial weight of the hardware involved--was pretty difficult to overcome. But it was.
Secondly, it became all too apparent that few of us knew even how many gears are involved in a project like this--let alone how one goes about shifting them. But we're learning.

We are gratefully receiving public service announcements on KOMU-TV, which so far have generated a fair amount of interest and curiosity from people who otherwise might not have been reached in our mailings. We've also received and excellent 30 minute videotape program produced by Channel 19 (Kansas City PBS affiliate) highlighting the upcoming PBS season. This we've taken to several civic groups in order to acquaint people with what could be available.

We believe that New Wave Television can be on the air before this coming summer. But we have to raise the capital soon. If you can help, either financially or physically, let us know. If you belong to an organization that would like to see the half-hour program, please write us and we'll set up a time to view it. We can also provide someone to answer questions you might have.

The New Wave Corporation is shifting into fourth gear (or is it fifth?).

Mark Roebuck, New Wave Television
November, 1975