KOPN History 1974
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KOPN History 1974

1974: KOPN expands its offices after the closure of the craft and food cooperative whose space it shared. The station acquires more powerful transmitting equipment from the sale of St. Louis community radio station KDNA. KOPN co-sponsors its first film series and begins broadcasting the Columbia City Council meetings that are mostly ignored by the local media. During the summer, a controversy erupts over KOPN's broadcasts of "Liberty Lobby," an ultra-conservative program. While some community voices condemn the station's choice, KOPN defends its commitment to freedom of speech.

1974 KOPN Ad

KOPN to co-sponsor film series

KOPN and the Missouri Peace Study Institute have set up a film series, for enlightenment and stimulation and possibly for KOPN's financial aid. The series is designed not to convince you to buy popcorn and candy or be lulled into the safe shadow of the latest image, but rather to channel your life force into less self-destructive mare personally and socially creative directions.

All films are in color and most are considered artistically as well as politically important. The films will be shown at the Ecumenical Center on Friday nights at the University Missouri-Columbia and on Saturday nights. Both showings will be at 8 p.m. Admission is $1 or free if you have a food stamp identification card. The following is what will be showing:

Sept. 6,7 Lucia, directed by Humberto Solas. It is a film of women in different revolutionary periods in Cuba and just recently available after being banned by the U. S. Treasury Dept.

Sept. 14,15 Attica, directed and produced by Cinda Firestone. This is a documentary of the 1971 Attica prison rebellion.
Sept. 20,21 Night and Fog, directed by Alain Resnais. A film revealing the nightmare world of the concentration camps. U. S. Techniques of Genocide in Vietnam. Vietnam People's Army Films. A film describing the development of U. S. policies in Vietnam. Winter Soldier Investigation. Vietnam Veterans Against the War. A documentary film about the investigation held in Detroit in 1971 in which veterans testify about genocide in Vietnam.

Sept. 27,28 Murder of Fred Hampton. Mike Gray Associates. The purpose of this film is to refute the official version of the killing and show why the Chicago police wanted Fred Hampton dead.

Oct. 5,6 Tupamaros and Campamento.
Oct. 11,12 Mexico: The Frozen Revolution.
Oct. 18,19 On The Battlefield.
Oct. 25,26 The Selling of the Pentagon.
Nov. 1,2 The Battle of Algiers.
Nov. 8,9 Finally Got the News.
Nov. 15,16 Z.
Nov. 22,23 Angela Davis and A Luta Continua.
Dec. 6,7 State of Siege.

We could really use some help with publicity, setting up the series and running the films, so if you can help call the station and volunteer.
Write up by Pat Watkins for September, 1974 program guide.